Re: The long-term

Dan Corrin (
Thu, 29 Sep 94 11:10:49 EDT

on Sep 28 23:42:14 Rich Skrenta <> said:
> o The simple production work in Oly II usually falls out neatly
> to 1 unit/man/day or 1 item/noble/day. It's hard to add a
> productivity bonus of less than 100% to something like this.
Any skill could be incrementally added, say a master timber-cutter gets
a 20% bonus to wood. Then if they have 5 workers, 6 wood are harvested
per day. If they don't have at least 5, then no bonus. Plus there is
still the limit on the resources in the area, you just get them quicker.
The speed at which skills like defense work, when one becomes better
at them is along the same vein, and something that I think adds
a little to the game, a small time-bonus for those nobles who are
experienced, so they can do just that much extra per month.


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