Re: Two long-term problems

Dan Corrin (
Thu, 29 Sep 94 11:00:34 EDT

on Sep 28 21:18:14 (David desJardins) said:
> I think the same thing is true, to a lesser degree, of NP inflation as
> the game runs on. I think the current number of NPs is about right for
> balancing playability against giving players enough to do. (I'd like to
> see control artifacts reduced somehow, but that's another story.) As
> the game goes on and if it ever gets to the point that people have twice
> as many nobles as they have now, that will be a bad thing.
> Personally, I don't think the game will last that long.

I'm sorry David, but I disagree strongly. Near the end of the playtest
I had some 12 nobles and 7-8 controlled units, and one of my complaints
was that I didn't have enough people to run-around and do things for
my faction. I needed more nobles to operate things the way I wanted to
(and I only controlled some 35 provinces at two sites), mind you my plans
grew, the more nobles I had.

Actually I find that I am having more problems with my orders right
now than when I had 20 units, as many of them were fairly fixed (occupying
and or building structures, researching, etc), while right now all my
6-7 nobles are all on the move.


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