Re: "Simultaneous execution" vs. phases-and-points

Patrick McLaughlin (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 13:38:00 -700 (PDT)

The examples that come to mind are the pbm games that I've
played--Rimworlds, Orion Nebula, BSE <ack>, etc. Not one of themdeals in

Board games do, but that's often a convenience for players who can't and
won't step through the thing a second at a time, with pre-decribed plans....

Orion Nebula ran much as Oly does--all things got dumped intot he hopper
and then hashed out in a simultaneous manner. Actually, they went one
further, as I don't htink they dealt with priority. If two people did
things at the same time, they did them at the same time. That would
present some problems for Oly, the way it is structured, but... it made
it interesting, as you had to plan combat to actually _find_ a target in
real time....

I like Oly's time as it is.

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