Re: Combat

William M Lee (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 18:15:07 -0400 (EDT)

> > > 2) No seige warefare, all fortifications must be stormed
> > Actually, this wouldn't be that hard to do. What's a siege in Olympia?
> > Cut off income until they starve to death (at 30% per month, that
> > would take a while). Well, a castle collects income under all
> > circumstances right now.
> Actually, it *is* possible to besiege a castle, but it is not easy.
> First of all, you somehow manage to get another castle in the same
> region (I told you it wasn't easy). Then you kill off all the garrisions
> of the other castle. Lastly, you station an enormous *garrison* force
> on the site of the other castle. The garrision eats up all the income
> of the province, leaving none to be collected by the besiged castle.
> Then you starve them out.
Actually it is easier than this. Kill off the garrisons of the castle,
and then PILLAGE the castle province month after month. The best thing
here is you get some of the income.


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