Re: Combat

Greg Lindahl (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 15:39:12 -0400

On Sep 23, 15:29, Dan Corrin wrote:

> 2) No seige warefare, all fortifications must be stormed

Actually, this wouldn't be that hard to do. What's a siege in Olympia?
Cut off income until they starve to death (at 30% per month, that
would take a while). Well, a castle collects income under all
circumstances right now. What about a flag (like guard) which someone
in a province with a castle could set to disrupt all the incoming
income? It would have to be carefully designed to not be used
friviously... perhaps it is set and has no effect for one month, and
then cuts of income in the second month. Well, if the besieger doesn't
have enough troops, they'll die before they can actually interrupt

-- g

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