Re: Combat

Dan Corrin (
Fri, 23 Sep 94 15:29:34 EDT

on Sep 23 13:41:13 Scott Turner <> said:
> What other problems/shortcomings do people see in the current system?

1) No benefit for flying troops.
Archers are treated as special units, why not others.

2) No seige warefare, all fortifications must be stormed

3) No implementation of blocking units. (attack all would fix this).

4) Immunitiy of the stack leader is strange. I didn't think until
the peasant/dragon debate came up that the NPC stacks had a leader
in fact when you control a NPC unit, I find that the "owner" is
a strange unit. e.g. an undead unit of size 10 (from the playtest)

Undead [4584]
Location: Plain [dj64], in East Camaris
Loyalty: Npc-0
Health: dead
Combat: attack 60, defense 60, missile 0
behind 0 (front line in combat)

Skills known:

qty name weight
--- ---- ------
9 undead [31] 900 cap 900 (1,1,0)

Capacity: 0/1,000 land (0%)

Does the undead unit itself atack at 60,60? That isn't what is
documented, so we presume it is a dummy unit??

5) Non-recovery of items. For example, if your eliste guard is killed in
combat with wolves, he is gone, okay. What about the horse? Killed too?
Okay. The sword and plate armour? Rust (wolf) monsters? No.


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