Re: Combat -- something different
Fri, 23 Sep 94 15:00:23 EDT

Operating System: HP-UX A.09.01 A
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]

If we're going to discuss tactical maneuvers, let's not forget guerilla
tactics such as ambush, hit & run, etc....

If we're discussing adding new skills for tactics, we might also consider
adding skills which pertain to terrain familiarity. A troop of archers
trained in ambush plus hit & run tactics with a high degree of familiarity
with forest terrain should be an effective harrying force. They are not likely
to overcome a numerically superior army. Yet they should be able to inflict
moderate damage while taking relatively little damage themself.

In general, one of my chief complaints about Olympia combat, is that it
assumes the attacker's intent is to defeat the opponent.


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