Re: Another combat factor

Patrick McLaughlin (
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 12:17:27 -700 (PDT)

Scary. I'd hazard that it would be a good way to add effectiveness to a
monster. You enter the cave, 20 of your peasants pound ineffectively on
the dragon. The dragon wakes up and eats 25 of your peasants....

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994, Rich Skrenta wrote:

> [this would mostly apply to a furture variant of Olympia, so please
> don't base reactions on the g1 status quo]
> I was thinking about how oly combat favors cannon fodder, and how
> it's difficult to make a really tough monster, since even super-high
> attack/defense values are overwhelmed by mobs of peasants.
> I was thinking of adding a fourth value to the combat vector: a weight
> which would provide the basis for choosing attackers instead of head
> count. Thus, it can be thought of as "speed".
> So an (80,80,0,10) noble vs a (80,80,0,20) noble would get half as many
> attacks in, since the opponent is twice as fast.
> --
> Rich Skrenta <>

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