Re: Another combat factor

John Morrow (
Tue, 20 Sep 94 15:16:34 EDT

>I like this idea if it applies to stakcs as well as individuals. A noble
>with 100 peasants would have a hard time getting them going in the same
>direction compared to 4 nobles with 25 peasants each (i.e. officer/noncoms).

This indicates yet another possible solution. Limit the number of
fighting people a noble can effectively lead at one time. A standard
noble could be limited to, say 10-25 people while a combat skill might
allow a noble to lead multiples of that number (twice the number at
apprentice, etc., with experience from combat) and cost 1 NP (since
it effectively "replaces" another leader in combat).

What this means is that when a noble enters combat, his or her top 10
to 25 (pick a number) fighting people will engage if there are more
than the limit. As they die, they will be replaced by other people
until the noble runs out.

This produces a similar result to the "ratio limit" also suggested.

This is just an alternative to adding yet another number to worry

John Morrow

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