Re: Safe Havens, and Garrisons

Morton M. Charnley (
Sat, 17 Sep 1994 12:24:58 -0400

Are you really prepared to have a large number of people drop g1 and move
to g2? If you make all these improvements only to g2, this might well happen.

On a totally different line, have you given any thought to putting together
a set of guidelines for how other people could design scenarios for your game
system? Not sure that you would want to but... :-)


>> I propose to do away with
>> them entirely and instead place guard units and default garrisons in all
>> cities.
>This is a really fascinating idea. Putting aside the analysis, for the
>moment, I am once again faced with the question "Will I ever be able to
>implement such a thing in g1?" Probably not.
>Perhaps I should just be collecting the various good suggestions
>that come by this list and implement them for the second game.
>Rich Skrenta <>

Chip Charnley
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