Safe Havens, and Garrisons

David desJardins (
Sat, 17 Sep 94 13:21:17 EDT

I think doing away with safe havens is a truly terrible idea, just about
the worst I have heard on this list. (I believe I am the original
originator and proponent of safe havens, so I suppose that my ideas have
to be taken in that context.) One of the many things that went terribly
wrong in Atlantis was that in a comparatively short time, players were
able to march large armies back into the starting location and kill
everyone sitting there. I can't imagine why we would want to reproduce
that concept in Olympia. One of the things that I think is working
extremely well in Olympia is the start location. *Given* that we are
going to start everyone in one place (which I think is a bad idea, but
seems to be popular for some reason), I think the current approach of
protected start location and claimed items has worked extremely well to
give players a fair chance to get started safely.

I'm for Carl's suggestion, if the garrison consists of one million
dragons. In other words, that would be exactly the same as what we have
now. Less than that, and you are just begging for abuse.

David desJardins

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