Re: Safe Havens, and Garrisons

Morton M. Charnley (
Sat, 17 Sep 1994 11:44:54 -0400

In principle, I agree with the guards, standard garrison idea. However,
I do feel that the IC should still be a safe haven to allow characters to start
the game without fear of having to deal with defending themselves immediately.

In addition, I think that there should be some mechanism in place that would
allow players to establish enough of a city, defenses, etc. to allow that city
to be a startup location as well as the IC. I can see the day coming when
recruit other players to join them but it will take the starting characters a
dozen moves to get to them. Not exactly how *I* would like to spend my first
half-dozen to dozen turns!

Chip Charnley

>Mark writes:
>> Does anybody else have a problem with allowing Garrisons in Safe Havens?
>> Since combat is not allowed in Safe Havens (or Building), the only way to
>> remove the garrison would be to attack, and defeat, the Castle that
>> controls the Garrison.
>Personally, I disagree with the entire implementation of safe havens. They
>are a hack and lead to all kinds of distortions. I propose to do away with
>them entirely and instead place guard units and default garrisons in all
>These guard units would be standard, non-aggressive, non-moving NPC units
>with 'defend all' set. These units would both prevent interplayer attacks by
>coming to the aid of the attacked and the placing of garrisons by helping to
>defend the default garrison as well. The strength of these units should vary
>from location to location, but about 100 pikemen seems reasonable for the IC
>with other cities having smaller guards.
>In time there will be factions willing to defeat the guards in order to be
>able to place garrisons of their own and powerful enough to do it. However
>even for such factions the cost in men will be considerable in particular as
>to encourage other nobles to remain in the city they probably have to provide
>a replacement city guard.
>If you want to get really cute about this, you can give the city guards
>'admit all' status. This would allow any noble to stack with the guards, in
>effect to join the guards. In return for this every noble (regardless of
>fighters in his possession) would receive one or two gold a day. Not the
>highest paying job for nobles and one carrying a certain risk if there are
>battles. On the other hand, it requires no special skills and no monthly
>investment of time.
> Carl Edman

Chip Charnley
 My opinions are my own and do not represent anyone but myself.

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