Re: Death Overhaul'd

Bron Campbell Nelson (
Wed, 14 Sep 94 08:37:26 -0700

Rich Comber <> writes:
> if resurrection requires the body, so should LR. Think about it.
> How could anyone perform last rites without the body. I know "it's
> magical", but it just doesn't make any sense.

Sure it makes sense. In resurrection, you are trying to return
a persons spirit to their body, and reanimate the body. Clearly
this requires both a body and a spirit, and it is not unreasonable
to say that the body must in fact be physically present. Last
Rites on the other hand commends a spirit to the afterlife, putting
it beyond the reach of mortals. Clearly this requires a spirit,
but there does not to my mind seem to be any need for the body
(since you are not putting the spirit back into the body, but rather
are "sending it on"). It is not unreasonable to say that the
spirit will probably come to whoever is performing the Last Rites,
in their name, where ever they may be, and even that the lieklyhood
that the spirit will come is increased if you invoke their True Name.

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