Re: Death Overhaul'd

Scott Turner (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 18:55:59 -0700

In message <>you write:
>I still favor Bind spirit, albeit without the aura-duel factor.

The problem with Bind Spirit (if I understand it correctly) is that it
is only preventive.

You still get the situation where the Big Mean Stack comes in and
unexpectedly attacks your Solo Wanderer early in the month and then
immediately does a "Last Rites". Because you can't react until the
next month, you've lost your noble unless you previously thought to
protect him with Bind Spirit.

Which means that either (1) everyone is going to have to develop a
priest in their faction so that they can keep all their nobles Bound
[which I think is unlikely], or that (2) only the nobles who are
obviously at risk will get protected, and the general problem of being
able to pick out a noble and make him permanently dead will still

I've just thought of another solution to this general problem. How
about changing Last Rites so that it can't be used until the noble has
been dead for 3 (?) months? During that time the noble's faction can
try to obtain the body (for resurrection), and the enemy/necromancer
can try to prevent that.

-- Scott T.

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