RE: Last Rites considered harmful
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 16:55:21 +0100

Last Riting someone from a distance is definitely a problem. It is real
annoying to be on the verge of resurrecting someone only to find your foe
has Last Rited you just before you got there. Principally because you now
find yourself with only 1 noble point rather than the 2 or more that could
be invested in someone useful.

I think you should make it so that only the faction that last owned the
noble can Last Rite from a distance. For someone else to do it they should
need the body.

An alternate idea might be to say that Last Riting would return all noble
points invested in the noble (loyalty and skills) back to the owning
player. This would slightly discourage your foe from doing it. It would
also encourage players to do it themselves when they have bodies they can't


Ross Inglis ! Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, ! I do not speak for my employer.

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