Re: Death Overhaul'd

Tim Whalen (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 15:44:01 -0700

> The corpse of a noble who dies in battle becomes the possession of winning
> stack. Optionally there should also be a chance that a dead noble from the
> losing side should end up in the possession of that side (maybe according to
> the capture rules) or that a noble gets lost in the province and has to be
> recovered by explore/exhume.

I don't know why everyone dislikes the graveyard thing. I think it's cool.
It gets the body away from the battle/executioner/monster/etc. where the
original owner's faction has a shot at it. Additionally, only the owner
knows for sure which GY it winds up in. I agree the GY algorithm may need
an overhaul. Plus, folks have already built several temples next to grave-
yards counting on the added business, I think.

> After 8 months the body decays. There is no restoration of noble points to
> the faction. Likewise if the body is used for necromantic experiments. To
> recover there are two options.

This was how it worked until the tail end of the alpha game. I think it was
felt that folks who lost a bunch of nobles would be at such a huge disadvantage
that they would dispair and quit the game.

>A priest with the lay to dead skill, in possession of the corpse and inside a
> graveyard can finalize the body. When this happens all or almost all noble
> points invested in the noble are restored to the owning faction.

This would sure be a good reason to have last rites! Maybe a little too good
though. Again, right now LR can only be cast in a temple which works for me
as well or better than requiring it to be cast in a GY.

> Or a priest with the resurrection skill, in possession of the corpse and
> inside a temple can cause the noble to come back to life. The noble is
>completely restored and remains under the control of his owning faction. The
> priests faction however permanently loses one noble point.

I was getting a good response for my "resurrections-for-hire" faction in alpha.
I'd gather the bodies and offer to return them to their owners for a percentage
of the NPs invested. This was back when 9302 made the noble swear to the
priest though... I suppose this worked because there were so few priests in
the alpha game. Priests would probably demand payment in advance if they had
to pay an NP to use 9302. Actually, I suspect we'll see a lot more temples
springing up before this topic winds down.

> On the whole I think this ensures that death is serious and for most
> characters irreversible. Most characters will be laid to rest which will be
> very useful. Factions may even want to trade corpses after the end of a war
> so that both sides can recover. Only a very few high-ranking nobles will be
> worth resurrecting and for those the owning faction better be willing to
> compensate the priests faction generously.

NP attrition would be a good thing in the long run. Unless some corpses don't
make it we'll see maybe 50 new nobles every 8 weeks from the old factions and
hopefully a steady stream of new players with their 4-6 nobles each. The poor
monsters won't stand a chance!

> Carl Edman

As you can tell I like a lot of things about the current system but there are
a lot of good ideas here.


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