Re: Death Overhaul'd

Bron Campbell Nelson (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 17:30:40 -0700

The problem I see with *always* requiring the body for LR, is
that if someone gains control of the body with a large stack,
they can resurect the character, and then terrorize and/or bribe
the noble, and then execute them; repeat until you succeed in
bringing the noble in on your side. At the very least, you can
use this process to keep the noble points out of the hands of the
original owner more or less indefinately: resurrect the body
after 7 months, and then execute it; repeat until the game ends.

So it seems that the original owner needs to be able to LR even
without the body. Since you want your buddy to be able to do
it for you, when the noble dies you get the noble's True Name
(a password) which must be invoked during Last Rites (if you don't
have the body); you can use it yourself or tell it someone else.

Bron Campbell Nelson  or possibly  uunet!!bron
These statements are my own, not those of Silicon Graphics.

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