Re: Current to-do list

John Morrow (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 15:34:48 EDT

>I don't see any good solutions to Scott's fleeing characters

In Oly I, you could "keep the camera moving" and pretty much avoid
getting hit. In Oly 2, it is almost impossible to avoid getting hit.
I think the idea that you *might* be able to hit a unit in motion is
a good one. Once they start moving between locations, nobles should
be difficult, but not impossible to hit since they are on the move.

>Proposed changes:

>1. A faction may perform Last Rites on any dead noble from that faction.
> Any other faction must posess the body to perform Last Rites.

I agree with Greg that this needs a little more discussion. Your
question below indicates that. If you can't live with the current
implementation, "shut them off" for a turn or two until you sort it

> Perhaps Last Rites should simply require the body? More
> consistent...

Yes. But I think making both Last Rites and Resurrection time
consuming might be a good idea -- or unreliable (perhaps a chance with
either of losing BOTH the noble and the NP for going against the
natural order of things or a simple chance of failure).

2-8 all sound good.

>Consider list:

>2. Provide a MASK 0/1 command. All characters are by default masked.
> ADMIT/HOSTILE/NEUTRAL/DEFEND with the faction specified will only
> include units that are unmasked, i.e. showing their factional
> affiliation.

I'm indifferent to (1).

(2) sounds good.

John Morrow

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