on last rites

Robert Christopher Butchko (rcb@kaiwan.com)
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 11:01:19 -0700

I'm torn on the whole question of last rites. I, and some of my

friends in the game, have extremely vulnerable dead nobles with

more than one noble point invested in them. I would hate to have

someone do a LR on them and all that other stuff be lost. On

the other hand, if the game was advanced three years and there

were scores of necromancers running around, I would be pissed as

hell that I could not have a handy priest do LR to keep at least

one noble point in place.

If only one's faction can do LR, then if I never develop a priest

with LR (not an insignificant possibility for me, and possibly a

larger one for other people) then I could not get someone to do it

for me. Again, looking down the long road, I think that it would

be best if LR remained a two-edged sword. It is kind of nice (as

game spokesman for the "wild magic") to me that something can be

both blessing and bane depending upon who uses it.

Now, for those players who graduate into having sorcerers and

such, let me add to my earlier "Discretion" skill, and the "survive

fatal wound skill" a further skill, to be invested in particularly

valuable characters:

"Block Manipulation Time: 7 days Aura: As invested

For the number of aura points invested, you can defeat

that number of invested aura in attempts to give last

rites or defile through necromancy [or other spells that

I don't yet know of]. Aura is cumulative, and remains

with the character until it is used up."

Not that this will do me or my friends much good these next few

months, but I think it might be a bit of an overreaction to change

the way the spell is now. (Maybe, also, as Harold[?] pointed out,

death is maybe a bit too cheap for the advanced and well-connected

players in the game)

One question, Rich- When my noble died in bu21, he was buried

in bl13; in effect, moved from Provinia to Drucartan, a total distance

of 8 up and 8 over, which is a long slog over a mountain range. In

the recent battle, characters who died in bx22 were buried in bw22. Is

it completely and fiendishly random where you get buried, is it random

within a certain distance, is it random within the same land mass, or

is it supposed to be the nearest graveyard?

-Chris Butchko

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