Re: Current to-do list

Greg Lindahl (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 14:55:50 -0400

On Sep 13, 13:05, Rich Skrenta wrote:

> 1. A faction may perform Last Rites on any dead noble from that faction.
> Any other faction must posess the body to perform Last Rites.
> Perhaps Last Rites should simply require the body? More
> consistent...

My, we're in a hurry to make major changes this morning, aren't we?
Shouldn't code before the coffee wears off, I always say.

Back in the old days, people were used to nobles dying when they died.
And that was fine, because that meant combat meant something. Then
along came Raise Dead, and everyone got used to never ever having a
noble die, which makes it hard to actually damage a faction. Is either
one of these a good thing? And then came Last Rites, when no notorious
noble ever got raised. See the pendulum swinging back and forth?
Paroxyms like this are not good for a running game.

Seems to me that neither outcome should be guaranteed. Even if you
can't get the body, seems that one's enemies ought to be able to do
something magical about it even if they can't get to the body first.
This might be a Necromancy spell, since the body is dead, and it ought
to cost a lot of aura according to the distance, perhaps, and maybe
even a noble point if successful (!), which would mean it only gets
used on the most powerful of dead enemies. But I don't think that
adding yet more disadvantages to attacking is a good thing for the
game balance, nor is making a big change like this after 24 hours of

> 6. Provide a predictor list for buildings so units may move into
> them on the turn they are created.

I like this. It's occasionally handy.

-- g

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