Re: Last Rites considered harmful
Tue, 13 Sep 94 10:19:36 -0400

I'm not sure that I agree that Last Rites is inherently harmful. It has
come in very handy at times when a noble of mine has died beyond my reach,
and I wanted to reuse the NP without waiting for my noble to decompose
naturally. Last Rites is also a means of preventing enemy priests from
resurrecting your nobles and patiently persuading them over to their side,
or using them for their necromantic purposes <shudder>.

It used to be that a noble who died was dead for good, with no chance
for resurrection and no NP returned. This changed completely with the
introduction of priests, almost making nobles effectively immortal. In my
mind it is beneficial to have a means of killing a noble for good, with
nothing more than a noble point remaining.

While this is painful at times, I think it is a part of the game which
shouldn't be tampered with.

-- Harold

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