Re: Last Rites considered harmful

Dan Corrin (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 09:57:22 EDT

on Sep 13 09:05:26 Rich Skrenta <> said:
> I've received several independent complaints about the fact that
> Last Rites can be performed without the dead noble's body.
> I could require LR to have the body, but then it doesn't seem
> to be a very useful prayer anymore.
> The problem would seem to be that there is no way to protect from
> LR being performed on a noble you wish to resurrect. Is this a
> problem?

I don't know if it is a problem per-se, however if you capture a noble
and decide to execute them. The obvious first action to do next is
to perform last rites, so they can't ressurect them.

In the playtest I had a character who was killed twice by enemies, and
not last rited(?) he was quickly ressurected and the death was just
4 or 5 weeks of lost time, no inconvienence.

If you want it to be difficult to permamently eliminate high-skilled
characters (those worth the effort) make it so that you require the
body and/or are a memeber of the person`s faction to perform last


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