Re: Minor Timing problem with selling?

Patrick McLaughlin (
Sat, 10 Sep 1994 23:55:08 -700 (PDT)

Recruitment is not 1 per faction, it's one per noble.

As BtA was sitting at the top of the list in the IC, any friendly can
stack with you, unstack and be just under you. SO you can ensure that
all the peasants go to yourself and allies. Not a big deal in
itself--EXCEPT that it starves the new players of peasants in the safe
haven, the people who are supposed to get the advantage of the area.

Ditto wood (etc). Only it takes workers.

As for PCTFG, it might make more sense -- to me -- to bar it for all but
new factions, and allow it once only in hte safe haven.

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