Re: Minor Timing problem with selling?

Jay Gischer (
Fri, 9 Sep 94 17:29:57 -0700

I've got to say that I personally don't see what all the fuss is about
characters sitting at the top in safe haven. What sort of things can
you get from sitting at the top? Here's my list.

1. recruitment
2. First buy from city
3. First sell to city (sort of)
4. PCTFG (100g)
5. Other Collectibles. (wood or stone)

1. Recruitment is not that big a deal. You get 1 peasant instead
of none. If you are an established player, you probably have the
means to gather far more peasants than the measly 1 per noble sitting
around on its thumbs in the IC.

2. First buy from the city is potentially bad if there is a trade good
there that is in high demand. We haven't seen this much, if at all.
But the fix to this seems to me to remove the sale of "trade goods"
from any safe haven city. For example, still sell wood and pitch in
IC but eliminate the walnuts and rose perfume. Compensate by adding
more stuff the city buys.

3. First sale to the city only matters the first turn. After that
people can undercut the price with a "pre-sale". Turn order breaks
ties, but it doesn't seem egregious to me.

4. Perform Common etc. seems like a freebie to the other 99 nobles in
the safe haven, but if you chose order randomly, it would be
like having a lottery. There have been lots of proposals vis-a-vis
PCTFG on this list that make sense.

5. Other collectibles. This is probably the biggest problem, since
you can harvest your wood in complete safety. Of course, selling it
in IC is pointless, since every new player has wood. And taking it
somewhere else means someone could waylay you for the wood. You could
fix this by making ONLY the city a safe haven, not the surrounding
province. But perhaps you would want to prohibit structures in the
surrounding area -- "the pale" as it were.

I wonder why we can't have people start in several places. I guess
people want to start close to their friends, and its too open to abuse if
you let people pick their starting area.

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