Re: Minor Timing problem with selling?

Mark W. Oosterveld (
Thu, 08 Sep 1994 17:26:23 +0000

> Leave everything on and every time new players are added, add them to
> the TOP of Imperial City where they will have "first shot" at the
> resources. And any player that leaves Imperial City should be put at
> the TOP of the Forest [by22] safe haven, etc. A general way to handle
> this would be to make it so that in safe havens (unlike other
> locations since they are special), new arrivals are put at the TOP of
> the location list instead of at the bottom. This will certainly
> discourage people from sitting around and it shouldn't be hard to
> implement or explain
> John Morrow

I like this idea. I don't currently have any units in the I.C., but I do
have acouple at the top in other cities. The advantage is tremendous, and
I agree that it should not exist in safe havens.


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