Re: Old players in safe havens

John Morrow (
Thu, 8 Sep 94 15:03:35 EDT

>Actually, there's a simpler solution to the PCT4G/top-of-stack
>problem... it's the only command which is resource limited but several
>people don't share if they overlap. Add code such that PCT4G returns
>100/7/N gold per day, where N is the number of mages doing it on a
>given day, max of 100 gold. Recruit works that way. Inns work that
>way. Resource extraction works that way.

Not a bad idea. But the lottery can be more fun... :-)

But it still doesn't solve the peasant recruiting problem. You can't
split 10 peasants 50 ways and still get useful peasants... :-)

(The Emperor walks by and hands Oleg an arm. "Here is your share of
this month's recruiting. Enjoy!")

>Now, do the folks who use PCT4G like this? I'm sure whoever's at the
>top of stack in the Imperial City will dislike any suggestion that
>would reduce their bonus.

My problem is that I'm not sure that ANY old player (e.g. one in the
game for more than a turn or two) should get much of a "bonus" for
sitting in a safe haven. If anyone should get a bonus, it should be
the new players who need it.

I was looking for a generic solution that (A) makes it easier for
newbies to get a slice of all the pies in a "safe haven" and (B)
makes it less tempting for older players to stick around.

John Morrow

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