Old players in safe havens

Rich Skrenta (skrenta@pbm.com)
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 10:48:04 -0400 (EDT)

> Make Imperial City less attractive for older players.

Sounds reasonable.

Shutting of PCT4G, recruit, etc. is a bit icky because 1) those are
a lot of little fires to stamp out -- what a mess, and 2) new players
like to try for these things too. "You mean I have to go out into
the wild to try for that stuff?"

> Leave everything on and every time new players are added, add them to
> the TOP of Imperial City where they will have "first shot" at the
> resources.

This seems elegant on first glance, but there are too many tricks
to get bumped to the end of the location list. Rather, I'd suggest
simply making executing order for top-level nobles in safe havens
be random instead of by list order.

Rich Skrenta <skrenta@pbm.com>

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