Re: Old players in safe havens

Greg Lindahl (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 14:09:43 -0400

Actually, there's a simpler solution to the PCT4G/top-of-stack
problem... it's the only command which is resource limited but several
people don't share if they overlap. Add code such that PCT4G returns
100/7/N gold per day, where N is the number of mages doing it on a
given day, max of 100 gold. Recruit works that way. Inns work that
way. Resource extraction works that way.

Given that, and given the EXISTING semantics for markets which mean
that being at the top doesn't mean you'll get the interesting trade
goods unless you can outbid the competition, top of stack isn't an
obscene plus.

Now, do the folks who use PCT4G like this? I'm sure whoever's at the
top of stack in the Imperial City will dislike any suggestion that
would reduce their bonus.

-- g

p.s. while we're at it, PCT4G could also be changed to be a
percentage, say 30%, of the tax base. But, as mentioned before, this
is not a critical change, because I don't think PCT4G is that obscene

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