Re: number of nobles

Scott Turner (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 11:35:28 -0700

>In response to Scott's question, I have one noble with Common magic.
>Although I don't see why it's any of his damn business. I wonder if
>this will get me an apology? Probably not.

It was what we call in the business "a rhetorical question". (And it
wasn't even addressed to you, as I recall.)

>If the only way you can argue the subject is by accusing others of
>dishonesty in their motives, please just leave me out of it.

I don't think you're dishonest in your motives. The only motives
you've supplied so far for why you think that Perform Common Tasks is
reasonable is "you're using it", "you think it's okey-dokey", and
"it's not right to change anything in the middle of the game". Since
none of these reasons have anything to do with game design, I don't
think I'm being unfair in characterizing your motives as being
concerned with your game position. If you have any other game
design-based reasons for thinking that Perform Common Tasks is not out
of line with other income sources in Olympia, then I encourage you
(again) to share them.

As far as apologizing, I'm not sure what for, but if my suggestion
that Perform Common Tasks is unbalanced has upset you, then I'm sorry.
If it was my suggestion that you're concerned that changes to Perform
Common Tasks will adversely affect your game position, then I also
apologize. I don't think you should have taken offense: obviously you
should be concerned about how game changes will affect your position.
But my thinking about Perform Common Tasks has nothing to do with you

-- Scott T.

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