Re: Common Magic vs. Taxes

Scott Turner (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 11:46:53 -0700

In message <>you write:
>So even using Scotts revenue/province figures,
>which are low because he used 20 soldiers to garrison, that's an
>income of 66+4*46+8*36 = 538 Now upkeep of the noble costs 50g/turn
>to HONOR him, so the net is 488g. Contrasted with, shall we say 8
>nobles doing perform. Income is 800g. Maintenance of the nobles is
>400g, so the net is 400g, less than for the castle.

This is a more reasonable analysis than the one I provided, but it
still points out just how valuable perform is. Even in this analysis,
it is the equivalent of building a castle, two towers, an inn and
garrisoning 13 provinces. And with perform you can still move around

And I'm not even mentioning the fact that while faction #1 is building
that castle, the performers are building an army to scour the
mountaintop :-).

-- Scott T.

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