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Greg Lindahl (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 14:29:29 -0400

On Aug 24, 8:18, Scott Turner wrote:

> In my opinion, Rich ought to consider hard limits to the numbers of
> people that can fit into a tower. If you & your 50 bodyguards try to
> enter a tower that already has 62 people inside, you don't fit and
> your MOVE fails. To me that's a little more reasonable than the
> current behavior of "everyone fits, but only the first N benefit".

This is A Bad Idea, because it will increase player errors. If part of
your move fails, it often cascades into trashing your entire turn.
That's why Rich does things like allowing overloaded stacks to move
(albeit slowly): the mistake penalizes you, but is less likely to
trash the rest of your turn.

[ From another message... ]

> *Of course* you can earn money in different ways with an NP. That's
> not the issue. The issue is that spending the NP for Common Magic is
> far and away the best tactic for earning money.

I don't think so. I do think that it's a bit silly for Common Magic to
do so well in wilderness, but that's more of a realism concern on my
part than a game balance concern. I could explain why I don't find
Common Magic to be unbalancing, but that would reveal my Secret Ninja
Agenda. So I'll just tell Rich. You can't figure out if something is a
flaw by taking a vote.

-- g

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