Re: Various Issues

Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 11:55:31 -0400 (EDT)

1) Garrison for structures: No. As David points out, this is deliberate.

Calling a noble a garrison is just a way to cheat NP's. It doesn't
matter if your garrison can only do half what a noble can do. You
want the important half, or you wouldn't be asking. :-)

NP's are strictly limited for a reason. Everyone wants more units;
about half of the players who actually got as many units as they'd
like to FORM would be crushed by the exploding size of their turn
reports, and would be unhappy. (Yes, I've seen this happen).
Exponetial growth would first shut new and weak players out of the
action, as the largest players garrisoned every possible structure.
Then the game would blow up or stagnate.

2) Conditionals: Dead as far as I'm concerned. As you know, I'm against
making Olympia more programmable in this way. Olympia has become less
programmable as a result of the playtests.

I'm not against standing-orders kinds of "programmability" (HOSTILE, for
example). But IF, floating ON <action> daemons, REPEAT..UNTIL... nope.

3) More WAIT stuff:

> On board ship, wait conditions should be present so one can do a
> "wait sea" (or wait not sea) to facilitate fishing, unboarding, etc.
> This would help shipboard life as the location may not be known, and
> I', not even certain that a "wait loc" will work on ship.

Someone has suggested WAIT LAND/SEA/FOREST/MOUNTAIN/etc.
This sound reasonable and are on the list to be added eventually.
Remind me in a month or so if I haven't added them yet.

4 & 5 after I eat linch. :-) (Gee, this list really does have high
traffic. I can't even keep up.)

Rich Skrenta <>

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