Re: Allow GIVE/BUY/etc. across zero time routes?

Barry Eynon (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 09:10:46 -0800

>Olympia tries to catch obvious errors in some cases. You can try this out
>trivially by making simple spelling mistakes on command verbs. RECRIUT
>will parse, albeit with a warning.

There's a big difference between catching obvious spelling errors and
trying to guess what I want to happen with my turn. The RECRIUT error
presumably is also caught at order submission time and noted in the order
ack, whereas the move behavior only happens at run time.

>If you are in a sublocation with only one exit to the outside, and you can
>move north from the outer location, and you say MOVE N, an implicity
>MOVE OUT is done first. In this case, it seems pretty obvious what the
>player meant.
>I hadn't counted on players using deliberate failure in any cases like this.
>(Can you sketch an example?) It's a common error, and has prevented many a
>ruined turn.

I don't object to the concept, it's the fact that it's undocumented that
bugs me. I'm sure I could construct an artificial example where I would
rely on the particular behavior of the move command to give me information,
and yes, there might be other ways to accomplish what I want. Now that I'm
aware of this particular behavior, I can take it into account. It's the
OTHER things, that I'm NOT aware of, that will cause me grief.

I think a list of any such "fixups" that the program does should be part of
the rules, and not simply apocrypha that only playtesters know.


Barry Eynon

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