Re: Research outside of a tower?

William Bruvold (
Sun, 17 Apr 94 10:20:18 PDT

> Tim Whalen suggests:
> > Another suggestion is to allow research for some skills to be done
> > outside a tower. Forestry can be researched in a forest (or if you
> > want to make it harder, in a circle of trees or mallorn grove.)
> > Mining can be researched in a mine. Shipcraft in a boat. Beastmastery
> > in a plains province (or perhaps a cave or lair.) Stealth and persuasion
> > in a city. Construction in ruins? These are just off the top of my head.
> This would be a big change, perhaps removing the "instant tower" bonus
> that new players now start with. Is this a good idea?
> --
> Rich Skrenta <>

Hmm..... might be ok. Would be good to remove instant tower bonus
then (or make towers good for something else.)

One thing I would like to see with a magic skill (refering to the
carpet pillage problem) would be somesort of transfer gold spell.
Perhaps it would require a tower (to keep the hardware) but
essentially the mage transfers gold from his person to another noble
Would be nice for the extended campaining moments and would
encourage spreading away from the castle base.


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