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> >From jdegon@vega.iii.com Mon Dec 20 22:04:07 1993
> Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 17:48:38 -0800
> The last idea that I have for you is to deemphasize "creating"
> characters and instead make hiring them more of a task. In the same way
> that exploring and finding things is exciting, hiring the right people
> is also exciting. How about having, say these NPC's sometimes living in
> some of the hidden locations? It would be fun to find a little hut un
> the enchanted glade. This might make the game have more "character"
> and would rather deemphazize the resource gathering/exploitation
> aspects
I had already thought that having NPC's with skills would be a good idea.
Obviously a noble would have to find, hire and support them.
But donkey work like sailing a ship, or harvesting etc should not require
all of a nobles efforts, which are needed for adventuring, fund raising
and other noble pursuits.

There are various classes of Hirelings, divided by skills.
e.g Mariner Skill: Shipcraft.
subclasses of mariner are
Captain: Sailing.
Shipwright: Shipbuilding.
Add ram to galley.
Fisherman: Fishing.

In order to hire, a noble must be in an appropriate location, e.g a port city.
for Mariners, and be offering an appropriate monthly salary. The chance of
finding a given hireling will depend on what is being sought, pay offered
and the local demand.
Once hired, the hireling will carry out orders issued by the noble. This will
last as long as the hireling is paid and supplied with the appropriate tools to
the job. New orders cannot be given if the noble is not present.
Obviously the commands that can be given would be limited and depend on the
type of hireling.

I beleive this would address the issue stated above, and also provide another
layer to the economy, as nobles could then themselves hire out their skills
by pretending to be hirelings. This could be a good way for newcomers to make
themselves usefull in places already dominated by more established players.

What do you all think,

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