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What would be the difference between hiring NPCs to do things, and bribing NPC
nobles to join your cause?

I must admit that even I can see a use for a Shipwright, or a Captain (npc with
combat skill only) whom would either build ships for you, or guard
castles/regions for you for a price.

The idea of Mariners whom you have to give a complex set of orders to like
nobles seems to me a little too close to the function of a noble - great sea
captains _are_ nobles, surely!

My idea of Hirelings would be NPC-types whom you would hire in cities, as
described, and would stack with the Hiring noble, requiring a certain ammount of
maintainance as peasants do.

They can be unstacked and left to their own devices, but will not move on their
own. think of them as Nobles without legs, and you'll have the same picture of
them I do.

Ideally you could leave a Captain behind in your castle with some soldiers to
guard it and collect the taxes for you. NPC Hirelings aren't telepathic,
though, so you wouldn't get extra reports from them of their activities, and
wo-betide you if they run out of money! [They go independant]

[visions of a stealth skill 'persuade hireling to rebel' to be used on Captains
who have enough cash to set themselves up as nobles, and who then rebel, castle
and all! cackle - the offset of this is that you get to leave castles behind
quietly piling up dosh and training any peasants given to the captain
into soldiers, (and swordsmen,knights etc if you give them the correct
ingredients) without having to waste a noble on them]

Other types. Mason. Miner. Forester. Fisher (leaving the noble captaining
the ship free to study, or whatever). Weaponsmith. Armorer. [Priest?]

Just my opinions. Print out, place on dartboard. Aim, throw.


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