Re: Land and Ship movements.

dsk (
Fri, 3 Dec 93 18:00:27 EST

>> It is not
>> uncommon to have your ships move for about 7+- days per month and just sit
>> idle for the remainder of the month. This is really annoying.
>> Land movement is not nearly as bad.
YES it is. Ever try riding along the shore of a new continent. Try sailing
around in a large open area of water for a while, and your movement won't be
messed up. If you are running into the situation because you want to travel
in open sea and keep bumping into land, that might be a problem, but I would
think that a new land would be a welcome surprise worth a few days lost. If
you are following a coast, you're in the same "boat" as us landlubbers...
(Sorry couldn't resist... and I know I SHOULD have.)

>My guess is that this is because land movement takes twice as long, in
>general, as sea movement. You can run more sea movements in a turn than
>land movements, so there's more of a chance that something will go wrong.
My nobles devoted to exploration are all mounted and in the same situation.
The way I get around the problem is I tend to kludge a conditional out of
it. Write a months worth of orders assuming all goes well then tack on
additional orders for contingencies. If there is a dependency chain between
the orders than the whole set will net a 0 time and the next contingency will
run even if the next contingency is a study or a make 95 30 to keep the noble
busy for the turn.

>A simple solution might be to simply double all of the movement times.
All this will do is guarantee additional travel time not reduce dead time
except in that you are travelling more time in the month therefore, less
likely to be sitting idle. However, since while travelling you are not
doing anything useful (other than going from here to there) it might as
well be lost days as additional travel days.


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