Re: Land and Ship movements.
Fri, 3 Dec 93 15:48:06 -0500

>A simple solution might be to simply double all of the movement times.


>The other thing I could add is the Oly I feature to try various directions
>in order, i.e. MOVE N E S W.
Yes, this is a good idea, I can usually figure out what direction I would
want to travel if the current direction is blocked. Currently what happens
is that I get blocked for a couple moves, and then unblock myself later on
in the month and head off in some totally unplanned direction.

>Rich Skrenta <>


>What I would like to see is a SAIL ALONG COAST order. This would follow
>the coast line of a land mass for the number of days specified.

This is I great idea, would it be difficult to implement?


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