Re: Enhancing Magic

C.M. Yearsley (
Mon, 29 Nov 1993 12:47:52 +0000 (GMT)

> I'd like to make some rare artifacts too.
> The size of the world is just so bloody huge... If I hid an artifact
> somewhere, no one would find it. That's why I was leaning towards letting
> players have a shot at creating all of the possible artifacts.

Hmmm...this is probably too much of a hack to code, but perhaps it will
stimulate discussion...


Hide 'specials' wherever you want. Create a file of 'rumours' that
hint at their location, or anything else you want to hint at (doesn't
have to be true!). Then think of a way of giving them out randomly in
a way that favours explorer-type people.

For example, every time a noble enters a city that he's never been to
before, have a small (a few %) chance of hearing a rumour. Or just
have a tiny percentage chance every time you enter a new province.
Or have a new 'object', a rumour! Then players who can explore
can be told they've found one.

For more finesse you could have a different rumour file for each major

You can then indulge yourself with hiding locations, artifacts, scrolls...


Chria Yearsley

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