Re: Enhancing Magic

John Sloan (
Mon, 29 Nov 93 12:24:23 GMT

"C.M. Yearsley" <> wrote :

>> I'd like to make some rare artifacts too.
>> The size of the world is just so bloody huge... If I hid an artifact
>> somewhere, no one would find it. That's why I was leaning towards letting
>> players have a shot at creating all of the possible artifacts.

[rumour system deleted]

>You can then indulge yourself with hiding locations, artifacts, scrolls...
>Chria Yearsley

I would have though that the magical spell 'Locate Artifact' would be a simpler
way of tracking these things down. Probably limited range, but could be
targeted anywhere.

The more mana you pump in, the higher % chance of locating a region which has
one (or more) arifacts in it. You still have to send someone there to explore
it to find it, of course.

But hey, you wanted ways for Mages to make money - locating and selling
(warlike) artifacts is as good as any.


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