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Rich Skrenta (
Sat, 27 Nov 93 21:30:49 EST

[ I just read the "Enhancing magic" replies. I wanted to focus on
enhancing trade first. With that done... ]

> 1) Everyone needs at least some money; some must be earned. Magically
> of course; a real mage won't (shudder) get his hands dirty!

> 1) Can only be done once per turn per location.
> 2) Pays amount equal to 1/3 of available tax money, or twice
> that amount if used from a tower (surrounding region pays
> then, of course, not the tower itself!) (Is this enough? Half, not 1/3??)
> 3) Does not diminish available tax base.
> 4) Belongs to the 'Magic' family of spells.
> 5) Cost: 1 mana, Time: one week Ingredients: none. (Is this too quick?)

Sounds great. Any objections? Menial labor for mages.

> Raise defence of structure [MAGIC? ARTCONS?]
> Improve mine yield (or mine safety, even?) [SCRYING]
> Weaken Structure
> Fairwind/Foulweather
> An alchemical potion that makes workers work harder for a while
> Bless Crops:
> Blight (Necromancy, of course)

> These are just the random ideas I can come up with right now - Rich, so
> we all know what to talk about, is this the sort of magic you like
> or not?

Yes, those are the sort of things I'm after.

> Another thing is - to make 'explorer' more fun I'd like there to be one or two
> skills that can't even be researched, and one or two super-special artifacts
> that must be found, not made.

I can think of two ways:

1. Have rare subskills taught by a few cities. One would have
to travel to the city to learn the subskill.

2. Have the rare subskill taught by an artifact (an old book, say).

The hard part is coming up with interesting, useful but rare skills, that
players will like having, but which can be obscure enough so that it's
okay if most players don't have them.

I'd like to make some rare artifacts too.

The size of the world is just so bloody huge... If I hid an artifact
somewhere, no one would find it. That's why I was leaning towards letting
players have a shot at creating all of the possible artifacts.

* * *

My latest changes will inject a lot more money into the game.
I'm worried that money will be devalued; there should be more things
one can spend money on, or that one needs to spend money on.


Rich Skrenta <>

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