Rich Skrenta (
Sun, 28 Nov 93 10:50:07 EST

I'm thinking of making some npc/animal types that can fly, such as pegasi,
nazgul, giant birds (remember Graendak, Thornclaw and Razorbeak, Oly-I
veterans..), etc.

I was thinking of allowing movement by flight just as movement by horses
works, with perhaps a unit traversing a link in 1/4 of the rated time
instead of 1/2.

There are two concerns I have:

1. Is this too fast?

2. It makes sense that one would be able to fly over water.
However, I worry that my code might get confused if people
start trying to do "regular" actions while they're stopped
over an ocean province.

Would it look strange to be on a ship and see:

Seen here:
Osswid [5501], with one nazgul, flying


Rich Skrenta <>

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