Bill Viggers (
Fri, 18 Sep 1992 10:39:51 +1200

I like the idea of a crude ASCII map, mostly because
it takes away the hassels of having to keep track of
whether its Dorenth or Drucatan thats to the west. These
are things I can look up in my complied region reference
or old turn reports, but it doesnt really add to my fun
at all.

On an aside, to do with the route exits. This means that there
is going to be even more confusion if you want to have multiple
routes from A to B. Personally I like being able to walk
north from Drassa to Pactra directly rather than take a
boat or go through Habyrnth.

Bill/Merlinium the grey, soon to be ex-guildmaster magician of Olympia.

PS Sorry about the misspelt place names.

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