Re: Mapping

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 17 Sep 1992 18:16 EDT

Steve Chapin:
> I think Rich's idea was that after you explored a province, it showed
> up on your crude ascii map. So, you didn't get a map of the world to
> start. You got a map showing your province and the routes out of it.
> As you moved into provinces, you saw more of the world.
> Rich, is this what you meant?

Sorry, I should have made this more clear. Yes, that is what I meant.

My idea was to slice the world up into tiles, each of which could
be represented by a map showing about a 7 x 7 area of regions.
Interior feature details would not be shown on the map. You'd only see
nodes that you knew about. The "?"'s in the example map are for regions
that you know are there, but you haven't been to them, so you may not
know all of the links out of them.

The problem is that since ASCII is so limited, everything that you might
want to represent on a map isn't possible. I was wondering if a crude
sketch of the world was better than none at all.

Rich Skrenta <>

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