Re: Mapping

Rob McNeur (
Fri, 18 Sep 92 11:03:15 GMT+12:00

Well, what would be REALLY nice would be a postscript map, automatically
generated which shows all provinces, regions and features that you know
about, indicators to those you know of but haven't seen, and nothing for
those you know nothing about.
Features included would be Towers, Castles, Mines, ships, ports, plains,
forests, ruins etc.

Indicators on it would show the level of resources (gold, timber, horses,
population) for each region. The map would be generated centred on the
character requesting the map and showing a variable distance in all
directions, up to a maximum of 2 months travel, but specifiable by the
player. In the case of multiple characters in a faction requesting maps, if
they are within the 2 month-travelling maximum distance, then a combined
map is produced showing the entire region which covers them all.

A handy addition would also be for a flashing "*" to appear on the map to
indicate the presence of anyone you have declared as hostile.

Of course, this might all be pushing the code a bit far and may tend to
produce rather large mail files.

(OK so I'm kidding !!)

Kaspar [581] (soon to be extinct !)

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