Re: Fame & Glory

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 20 Aug 92 19:20:21 EDT

Greg Lindahl:
> Well, the warrior-magician I think is ok to have rare, but the
> magician-observer seems to be a better example: a skilled character
> might want to avoid assassination.

I grant that some shifting about of the skills might be necessary
to prevent such imbalances. Someone (John Morrow?) has already pointed
out that Stealth and Observation are on their way to becoming must-haves,
which is bad.

How to fix this... perhaps Forestry could have "stealth in forests" or
"observation in forests" as a sub-skill. Some stealth can be farmed
out to magical elven cloaks and such.

Or maybe stealth should just be its own family, and that's it.
Sure, it's valuable: spying, theivery, sneaking about, kidnaping,
assasination. But it will be very hard to have a warrior/assasin/

> However, eliminating the training cost is an interesting way to keep
> people from having to play economics.

Rich Skrenta <>

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