Re Banking
Fri, 21 Aug 92 11:22:54 GMT+12:00

=Pierre-Patrick Rosillon:
=> Loaning money, establishing interest rates
=> The banks could also bring lots of related jobs such as sheriffs, bounty-
=> hunters, bank-robbers, etc...
=But what mechanics are you asking for? You can already do these things.

Some of the mechanics I would envisage would be the automatic logging of
customers. (Sorry if it sounds like I am asking for an accounting package
to be built into olympia). Plus the automatic transfer from "Bank" to
"Bank" (similar to the way message can fly across olympia).

For the transfer of funds from "Bank" to "Bank" to work a building would
need to be designated as a Bank of a given type ie "Olympia Banks" and
transfer of funds could only occur from Bank to Bank.

Transfer Time of funds from bank to bank.

The options are either instantaneous (i.e. teleport gold) or a number of
days dependant on the distance between banks or a set number of days i.e.

Richard Peters
[910] Son of Wulf

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