Re: Fame and Glory

Rob McNeur (
Fri, 21 Aug 92 11:47:57 GMT+12:00

Rich Skrenta
>Where are all the other folks on this list?
Just starting another PBeM and handling 65 new applicants. Sorry about that :-)

John Carr:
> Here's a silly idea, instead of limiting the skill families, just make each
> additional skill family tougher to advance in. Whether it be money or
> increased time to advance levels in.
Yes this is good. However unless there are VERY strong restrictions on the
number of units a person can have, everyone will go more and more towards
specialists so that the studying they do will always give them the best and
fastest return. I think it should be harder to generate more units and
therefore direct people to head more towards multi-skilled groups.

> Also it would make a significant difference on what skill a unit learns
> first. A Warrior-mage would be very good at combat and adequate in Magic,
> but a Mystic Warrior would be great at spells and adequate at combat.
But what are the benefits of the cross-cultivation of skills ?
For this to even be worthwhile, we need crossover of skills, such that a
Warrior-Mage learns some combat skills that enhance his magic, and some
magic skills that enhance his combat. Otherwise it is more efficient to
have a pair of wanderers, one a specialist fighter and 1 a specialist mage.
They advance in skill level faster and generally are more effective.

The current skills need more subskills which can be crossed over to enhance
other skills eg a combat specialist who learns stealth should be a more
effective attacker, as he can come out of hiding and get a surprise attack.
A mage who learns construction should be able to use his spells to help in
this type of work to not only hasten his work, but also to build stronger
and more magical walls.
An equestrian expert who studies Forestry, should be more effective in
woodlands and plains in tracking and capturing horses and other beasts.

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