C. Patrick Simons (
Thu, 20 Aug 92 7:22:26 CDT

Kick Bluesword says:
> What about an official banking system in Olympia ???
> Money is such an important thing in Olympia that I'm sure there is a big
> business for bank-owners in Olympia. Loaning money, establishing interest rates
> ....
> The banks could also bring lots of related jobs such as sheriffs, bounty-
> hunters, bank-robbers, etc...
> What do you think about that ?

The idea has interesting parts, but you got to be kidding! What's to keep
the borrower from just using it to raise an army, then to trash the bank?
It'd be a heyday for thieves, pirates, etc. Almost impossible to police.


-C.P. Simons, aka Croaker McGuillicuddy [506]

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