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Pierre-Patrick Rosillon (
Thu, 20 Aug 92 14:33:50 CET

In answer to my bank suggestion, Croaker McGuillicuddy (506) answers :

| The idea has interesting parts, but you got to be kidding! What's to keep
| the borrower from just using it to raise an army, then to trash the bank?
| It'd be a heyday for thieves, pirates, etc. Almost impossible to police.

As I said before, there are lots of other "jobs" that will be generated thru
the creation of banks. Of course a bank owner should first form some good
marshalls before opening his/her bank |
Don't forget also, that most of the time, the money you have in deposit
should be loaned (it's the only way to get richer |||||). If it's sleeping
in your safes, that means that your interest policy is not correctly computed.
As in real life, there is a ratio between risk and interest you receive.
Imagine the following :
At the very beginning (when your bank is small) you can offer a big interest
for each deposit (maybe 7 or 8%) and loan money (for 12 or 13%). That lets
you only a small amount of money to live, but customers will bring you
lots of money |
Later on, when your bank has been fortified and has a lot of guards, then you
can make your customers pay for that security, and therefor drop your deposit
interest (maybe only 3 or 4%), select your customers, accept only the big
deposits, etc...

I don't think the thiefs and pirates idea is a major problem |
Don't forget that it's not BANK's money that the pirates can take, it's players
money | So, why attacking a bank, rather than a lonely adventurer, or a newbie?

Of course, a bank isn't something that brings lots of money in 3 or 4 turns, it
must first of all became WELL KNOWN |
Would you give a large amount of money to a bank without knowing who is ruling
it ?
Of course not.
You will first try with a few extra 10's gold pieces and for a few turns. Then
you will little by little trust the bank. Its reputation will be known in the
regions all around, and it will grow slowly.

If only I had money... I would build a bank ||| ;-)

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